Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Play Dress

Samantha is wearing her precious little play dress.  The fabric can be purchased at  they have great service and lots to choose from.

Samantha is Ready for School

Samantha is sporting her new school uniform.  Doesn't she just look so cute?  I just love creating doll clothes.  It's fun and playful.  If you have a little one to sew for try whipping up a doll dress or two and enjoy watching them play dress up. 
Samantha's school uniform is actually a pattern I designed.  It is custom made to match one of our local schools.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bishops and Bonnets

I must say I do believe Bishops and Bonnets are definitely my specialty. One of the best things I have learned living in Louisiana is the Bishop. If you don't know what a Bishop is, let me explain. It is a precious round yoke smocked dress that most every little girl in Louisiana grew up wearing. I enjoyed dressing my precious little girl in many colors. Purple was my very favorite for her. But she sported every color I enjoyed sewing. This pretty little pink Bishop and Bonnet is my next ensemble :) I just love sewing, smocking and seeing all those precious little girls wearing them.

The Abbey Bag

We will be making this precious Abbey Bag. A must if you like to sew and even more of a must if you like to travel and sew! The bag will be kitted and all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy sewing!! Sign up to attend this class at or stop in to register. There are limited spots, so sign up now.