Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thought for the Day

As a woman I am full of the need to nurture someone or something ie., an ideal, an adventure, a project…. All of these are venues to allow my inner self to be developed and satisfied. Life in each of it’s different stages proposes its possibilities of fulfillment. As we move from stage to stage in our lifes we may find ourselves searching for a different avenue to perform and accomplish which feeds the since of worth within ourselves. So I challenge myself and you too, EVERYDAY to rise and shine and look for every little situation that we can make a difference in. This will not only impact those around you but will also fulfill ourselves. So if you are a little down, open your eyes and look for an area around you that you can make a positive impact upon. No matter how large or small. Start with the small stuff! Smile at someone, you may make a difference in that one persons life. Hug someone, you may impact them from within. Be a blessing and Be Blessed! Njoy your day…….. until tomorrow……..